Rudiger MeyerRudiger Meyer

Frankenstein’s Lab #6

“Everything is Opera!”

Octavio Gaytán-Procel presented a set of his studio creations:
“It’s all about the gesture” he says. “Everything is Opera!”
Take a listen to his music on SoundCloud.

“Everything is Opera!”

A Song of Sorrow

Anders Børup gave an intense performance using live vocals to both feed and control his ‘Mouth to MIDI’ system. Emotion and presence with technology as a tool in the background. Take a listen to one of his performances.

Special International Guest

Spencer Topel presented some of his installation work as well as pieces composed for the Figura Ensemble while on a residency as part of the DIVA program. A convergence of concert forms and installation art.

A Black Diamond

Søs Gunver Ryberg talked about the challenges of preparing a multichannel electronic piece for a public space.

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