Frankenstein's Lab is an open experimental forum in which composers (and other performers/artists) can share, try out and discuss ideas/sketches/projects. Meetings take place roughly once every three months.

There are 3 - 4 presentation slots each evening. Each slot consists of 20 minutes presentation followed by 20 minutes feedback/discussion. If those present are in the mood for it the evening might be rounded off by an improvisation session.

Presentations are mostly by local creators with a slot reserved for international guests. English has been a convenient common language but Danish is of course completely welcome, should that be more comfortable means of expression.

There is always a moderator present (until now Rudiger, Katrine, Niels & Jexper have mostly jumped into this role) to make introductions and lead the discussion session.

Meetings have, until now, taken place at Literaturhaus in Copenhagen with an occasional excursion to the delightful Ambassaden in Århus. There is always cold beer at the bar and warm soup to keep thirst and hunger at bay and lubricate some good old networking.

If you're interested in taking part send an email to:
Jexper Holmen or Katrine Dal who can also be reached on (+45) 33135405.

Frankenstein's Lab is kindly supported by the Danish Composers' Society and made possible by the Frankenstein team:

Previously assisted by:

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