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A New Season

Frankenstein’s Lab enters a new season and finds a new home on the web. From now on news and posts can, in addition to our Facebook page and events, be found here on

We’ve been thinking about bringing a little bit of focus back to our impro sessions and so Irina Kalina and Line Tjørnhøj’s suggestion to create a double session in which improvisation plays a central role has been most welcome.

They will be joining forces tackle the subject of “Theatrical approaches in staging contemporary music” and the “role and challenges of multidisciplinary performances”.

Irina is interested in creating a synthesis between theatre and sound, integrating contemporary music for double bass and voice with visual effects, theater and choreography – aiming for the highest and closest possible connection between instrument and performer.

Line will talk about the creation of abstract visual scores – an approach aimed at triggering and exploring the imagination, fantasy and intuition of the improvisors.

Their presentations will provide the point of departure for the final joint improvisation session in which the audience will be invited to participate.

Join us at Literaturhaus, Tuesday 17th September, 19:00.

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