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Frankenstein’s Line-up

The line-up for the next Frankenstein’s Lab coming up at Literaturhaus on Sunday:

Originally from Mexico, Octavio Gaytán-Procel has been living in Denmark for a number of years and spending many hours creating all kinds of music in his studio. Now’s the time for it to be presented to the world – come along and hear what he has to say/play.

Ander’s Børup presented his ‘Mouth to MIDI’ computer voice processing software at a previous lab. He’s been working on it and is ready with an extended version. This time no hands!

Our special international guest this time round is Spencer Topel who is in Denmark as part of the DIVA residency program and working on a number of projects with the Figura Ensemble. He’s been doing some interesting installation work, so don’t miss out.

And as a last minute addition Søs Gunver Ryberg will be presenting the piece she composed for the multichannel sound-system at the Black Diamond. This time in Stereo!

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