Rudiger MeyerRudiger Meyer

Frankie’s Summer Lab

It’s Frankenstein’s birthday today! Two years have passed since the first lab in Literaturhaus on a warm June evening in 2011.

The next lab will be held on the 25th of June and we have an exciting line-up:

  • Knud Riishøjgård will be presenting some excerpts from an opera he is working on
  • Kai Steensgaard will present his Aluphone, a new percussion instrument he has developed. (Check out this video of Evelyn Glennie playing her own special version of it.)
  • Goodiepal will read from his book El Camino Del Hardcore
  • and Michael Nyvang will play his saxophone VERY loudly.

There’ll be soup and cold beer at the bar, and the possibility of an impro session after the presentations. The whole thing starts at 17:00. Literaturhaus.

Look forward to seeing you there!

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