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Frankenstein’s Birthday

Five years have passed since the first Frankenstein’s Lab was held on a warm June evening in Literaturhaus.

Knud Riishøjgaard & Malene Bichel

The idea was to provide an open tryout space that could bridge the gap between first ideas and the polished result that might be presented at a festival, for example. 1 Three or four 20-minute slots for presentation, performance, tryout, etc., followed by 20 minutes for questions, discussion, and feedback, with an optional improvisation session to round off the evening.

Literaturhaus Lab

After a number of years with Literaturhaus as our beloved home, Frankenstein’s Lab has moved on to explore new spaces – embarking on a series of (guest curated) excursions to unusual venues with different communities, as well as labs centred around specific themes.

Opera Discussed | Photo: Hanne Budtz-Jørgensen

The lab is run by a group of composers in partnership with the Danish Composers’ Society, and while music is the point of departure, there is a strong interest in neighbouring art forms. The shape that Frankenstein’s Lab takes in the future is to a large degree up to those that take part. The lab is open to all, so feel free to contact Katrine, Rudiger, or Jexper should have something you’d like to share, inspiration for a specific lab, or ideas for the shape of future labs in general.

Frankenstein’s Lab at Dansehallerne | Photo: Kim Vadskær

If you’re not on the Composers’ Society mailing list feel welcome to sign up for the Frankenstein’s Lab newsletter (in English) or follow us on Twitter. Events for upcoming labs are also posted on Facebook via the Composers’ Society’s Facebook page.

We look forward to hearing from you, and seeing you at future labs.

A big round of thanks to all those that have contributed thus far.

  1. For more background on the initial motivations see: Something Inspiring Could Happen Here

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