Rudiger Meyer

Imagination, Fantasy and Intuition

Irina Kalina Goudeva has for many years been working on various quite ambitious syntheses of contemporary music with video, theater and choreography – aiming for the highest and closest possible connection between instrument and performer.

Rudiger Meyer

Frankenstein's Lab #4

Anders Børup's revival of music with mouth to MIDI, * ...and Carl Bergstrøm's improvisation using Anders' setup * Mette Nielsen's no-input mixing * special London guest Zoe Martlew with her amplified cello * and Casper Cordes with smartphone interactions

Rudiger Meyer

Frankenstein's Lab #3

A sound-poetry-performance from Elving & Monrad * A guided talk through some of the music of special Swiss guest Felix Profos by the man himself * A brief history of Electronic music from Morten Carlsen * ...and spur of the moment electronica from Thomas.