Rudiger MeyerRudiger Meyer

Frankenstein’s Fireplace

Frankenstein’s Lab will be lighting the fireplace in Kødbyens 5e for an afternoon/evening with presentations/tryouts of three quite different projects.

Arshak Ikilikian will introduce his “Alternative Orchestra” – sound generators and musical keyboards built with Max that are intended both as a compositional and performance tools, spanning both audio and visual configurations as well as the possibility of combining them with acoustic instruments.

Jens Keller will tell a little about his work with an Indian ballet performance and the Danish/South Indian cultural exchange involved.

I’ll be presenting, and more importantly trying out, the phone part of A Branch in the Path, a piece for flute, bass clarinet and mobile phones.

The Lab will take place on Wednesday 25 October at 5e in Kødbyen, Copenhagen’s old Meatpacking District, starting at 17:00. There’ll be warm food available at the bar as well as drinks at an affordable price.

We look forward to seeing you there!


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