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Frankenstein’s Lab Modular Edition

We’re very pleased to announce that Bjørn Svin, Cristian Vogel, and Xavier Bonfill are all on the line-up for a special Modular Edition of Frankenstein’s Lab.

Along with some small performances, they’ll be presenting some of their gear and talk a little about how the modular approach has affected their way of both creating and performing music.

Here’s a recent video of Bjørn and Cristian performing at Superbooth:

What is modular synthesis? In essence it’s a way of keeping the basic building blocks of electronic synthesizers independent of each other so that they can be connected together in ways that are not predetermined – everything can be connected to everything else – and mostly there’s no keyboard involved. After the computer music software revolutions it’s also been a way of getting back in touch with the beauties of physical knobs and analogue circuitry.

Time and Place

Thursday 5 September
17.00 - 20.30
KU.BE Fredriksberg
Dirch Passers Allé 4
2000 Frederiksberg

Free entrance
Everyone is welcome!

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