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Vinyl Listening Matiné

Do you also have a favourite album that you want to share with someone, or wish to hear some undiscovered music?

Nordsø Records Listening Room | Photo – Nordsø Records

Frankenstein’s Lab extends an invitation to a Vinyl Listening Matiné at Nordsø Records, where we will listen to ‘old classics’ and ‘new vinyls’ ranging from electronic music to sound art and compositional music. The evening will be moderated by Jonas Olesen.


  • 16.00 Nordsø Records give a tour of the workshop where the vinyls are pressed
  • 17.00 Listening Matiné
  • 18.00 Grilled flatbread á la Nordhavn

If you would like to bring a vinyl record (it may also be something you’ve published recently), send an email to email Jonas Olesen so that he can put together a good listening program.

There will be the opportunity to buy beer and water as well as grilled flatbread with filling á la Nordhavn.

Time and Place

Monday 19 November
16.00 - 19.00 (the doors open at 15.30)
Nordsø Records – the Danish Pressing Plant
Nordsøvej 8
2150 Nordhavn

Free entrance
Everyone is welcome!

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