Rudiger MeyerRudiger Meyer

The Seventh Lab

Knud and Malene, together with their librettist, presented a brief ritualistic kernel of the opera they are working on – a piece based on the idea of a society in which men no longer exist: “What would the world be like without men?”

Kai Steensgaard presented his Aluphone, an instrument of his own invention, in all it’s shapes and sizes…

…and Michael Nyvang played his saxophone without pause or interruption for 20 minutes straight.

And then proceeded to tell of his attempts at achieving directness in his playing in a manner that was itself equally direct and moving.

Goodiepal went on to turn our pre-conceived notions on what music music might be upside down with one of his wide ranging and mind boggling talks that included some interesting twists on one of his favourite topics: creating music for a future artificial intelligence – which, following questions from the audience, led to in depth considerations on art, religion, reaching out, listening, life, death, the universe and everything.

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