Rudiger Meyerrudiger


Anders Monrad has created Virtuoso, an iPhone app soon to be released on the App Store. We got together on Skype for an interview in which I asked him about his motivations for creating the app, his background as an artist, and the cultural and technical hurdles along the long path to creating it.

Rudiger Meyerrudiger

Improvisation, Extended Techniques, an iPhone Sound-Sculpture and a New Location

After a small break in our schedule Frankenstein’s Lab returns on the 17th of June with an exciting line up and special (international) guests.

Rudiger Meyerrudiger

Frankenstein’s Xtra Impro Xmas App Edition

2013 is drawing to an end and we’ve decided to round off this years activities with a slightly more easy-going lab with some extra space for improvising and drinking glögg together. There will also be a special focus on ‘apps’ as Anders Monrad and Niels Rønsholdt & Signe Klejs present their work in this field.