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Frankenstein’s Fireplace

Frankenstein’s Lab will be lighting the fireplace in Kødbyens 5e for an afternoon/evening with presentations/tryouts of three quite different projects.

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Building an Instrument Is Composing

Helmut Lachenmann famously stated that “composing is building an instrument.” In the upcoming Frankenstein’s Lab (18.05) we’ll be taking a look at how building instruments can be taken as an approach to composing.

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Frankenstein and the Dome of Visions

Frankenstein’s Lab is back, this time in the wonderful Dome of Visions.

Lars Kynde

New Instruments in New Spaces

For the next Frankenstein's Lab, curated by Lars Kynde, we will be moving out to Illutron for an on-site peek into the workshop of four instrument inventors who will be sharing their thoughts and give us a demonstration of some of their latest projects.

Rudiger Meyer

Opera, Why?

The word ‘opera’ evokes visions of celebrated singers filling plush opera houses with large voices conveying equally large emotions. Nothing could seem further away from the concerns of present-day composers of ‘new music’. Yet a large number of them have embraced precisely this genre as an outlet for their creative efforts.

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Unusual Concerts In Alternative Spaces

The next lab, in which we explore the theme of creating unusual concerts using self-made instruments in alternative spaces, is coming up on the 6th of November.

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Improvisation, Extended Techniques, an iPhone Sound-Sculpture and a New Location

After a small break in our schedule Frankenstein's Lab returns on the 17th of June with an exciting line up and special (international) guests.

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Frankenstein's Xtra Impro Xmas App Edition

2013 is drawing to an end and we've decided to round off this years activities with a slightly more easy-going lab with some extra space for improvising and drinking glögg together. There will also be a special focus on 'apps' as Anders Monrad and Niels Rønsholdt & Signe Klejs present their work in this field.

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A New Season

Frankenstein's Lab enters a new season and finds a new home on the web. From now on news and posts can, in addition to our Facebook page and events, be found here on

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Frankenstein Unplugged

The line-up for Frankenstein’s Lab tonight is going to be mostly acoustic for a change so we’ve decided to set a theme for the closing impro session and make it open to acoustic instruments/objects only. No loudspeakers or laptops this time round.

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Frankie’s Summer Lab

It's Frankenstein's birthday today! Two years have passed since the first lab in Literaturhaus on a warm June evening in 2011.

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Frankenstein’s Line-up

The line-up for the next Frankenstein's Lab coming up at Literaturhaus on Sunday:

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The Next Frankie